Our Story

After a lifelong love affair with high-quality coffee, NYT bestselling poet Atticus set out to create the perfect cup for creators, artists, and poets. This search led him to team up with Bellwether Coffee, the leader in sustainable roasting and ethical sourcing. Together, they tailor-made Atticus’ perfect blend. Coffee that is not only delicious but made with integrity and thoughtfully delivered for peak freshness. Inspired by Atticus and designed for you – the ones who will change the world.

Our Promise

The blends for Poet Coffee will always come from beans grown on women-owned farms, whose farmers are paid a fair and livable wage. We are committed to raising the industry standard by paying farmers equitable prices that enable them to earn a living income. We support the electrification and decentralization of the coffee industry to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve a healthy planet for future generations.

The Flavor

Poet Coffee's Hemingway in Paris Blendis smooth tasting with notes of dark chocolate, raspberry and red cherry, with aromas of baking spice and vanilla. Flavorful and balanced, this roast is designed for you – the writers, the dreamers, the ones who will change the world.

Better for farmers, the planet, and our communities

Poet Coffee partners exclusively with Bellwether Coffee for sustainable sourcing and roasting. Founded in 2013, Bellwether created the world’s first all‑electric, ventless, zero emissions coffee roasting system. The beans for Poet Coffee are sourced from women producers, providing financial empowerment to women across our supply chain. By purchasing this coffee, you are supporting a sustainable future for the coffee industry and you are making a positive impact on the lives of farmers.

A note from Atticus

When I began my quest to create the perfect cup of coffee, it was with you in mind. So here it is. My mistress. My friend. My co-creator. My perfect coffee in every way – Poet  Coffee. I hope it brings you what it brings me – ideas you’ve never thought of, art you’ve never imagined, and the words you didn’t know were there.

Xx Atticus