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Love & Magic Alexandrite Necklace

Love & Magic Alexandrite Necklace

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‘I don’t believe in magic.’

The young boy said.

The old man smiled.

‘You will, when you see her.’


In partnership with Atticus, we are excited to share this stunning alexandrite necklace with you. Inspired by the mystery and power inherent in true love, this pendant is set with a mystical color-changing Alexandrite. One of the only gems in the world that is rarer and more expensive than a diamond, Atticus xx Do Amore brings this stunner to you in lab-created perfection for maximum sustainability. Alexandrite is a mesmerizing gemstone that changes colors from a radiant purple to shimmering teal in shifting light…some may even call it magic.

The Magic necklace dangles from a 16″ diamond cut chain that sparkles in the light, and the 7x5mm pear-shaped lab alexandrite is held in a handmade classic 3-prong basket pendant setting.

Product Details:

This necklace is handcrafted by master jewelers in Long Island, New York. Gold for this necklace is sourced from So Accurate Group in Woodside, NY through Metalor, and is 100% recycled. Proof of recycled metal is certified through the Responsible Jewelry Council. Each necklace comes with a 16″ diamond-cut chain. 

Alexandrite stones change color based on the lighting. In daylight, you’ll see purple/red, in incandescent light, you’ll see green/blue. This is part of the beauty and mystery of this stunning stone.

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